Saturday, August 22, 2015

Chapter 3 : Fruity Dance

Lightship Chronicles
Book 1 : Sacred Warriors
copyright©2015 Florin Nicoara
Chapter 3 : Fruity Dance

Andee and Nayaa get lost in the warehouse district. Their lives are almost cut short when they encounter something truly weird before making their escape. Later, they finally reach the Prave. At first it's all fun and games, dancing to the beat with the live action 3D anime characters, light-fairies, pixies, and all forms of interactive 3D whirls, sparks, and bubbles that are the living-light show of the club. But the fun turns a twist when Andee has a mysterious encounter with a real life Bitani light-fairy, the sensuous Silestra. Meanwhile, Nayaa invents the fruity dance, to poor Gono's dismay.

Well, I like fruit, but a fruity dance? I've got to see what this is. Where's that link so I can buy the book? Ah, yes, HERE!

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